Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

We had a little Halloween party over the weekend, and I wanted to share recipes for some of the goodies that I made.  In the coming week, you'll see recipes for some pumpkin peanut butter dip, pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, black bean dip, and you've already seen the Halloween Rice Krispie Treats I made.  

I just wanted to share a few photos with you, as well, to give you a little preview of what's to come this week!

Made by Megan, Anthony, and Julia!  Yum!

Check out Maeby in her costume, too!!  

World's cutest and least threatening shark.
The poor little girl HATED it.  Because of that, we only kept it on her for about 5 minutes to take some pictures, then we let her run free.  When Sean put it on her, she wouldn't move.  She just stood there, very stiff-legged, with a look on her face that said "I'll get you for this".

Have some fun today and look for more recipes from me as the week goes on!


  1. Can't wait to see the recipe for your black bean dip and the pumpkin peanut butter dip - which by the way sounds amazing!

  2. Maebe looks absolutely hilarious. The food looks great too!

  3. @Jim LettauThanks, Jim! Maeby HATED that costume, but it was too funny to not dress her up for a few minutes.

  4. @Sunday Morning Banana PancakesWhy thank you! =) The black bean dip is up, and the pumpkin peanut butter dip should be posted within the next few days. Thanks for stopping by!


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