Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More gardening + an easy DIY project

Hello everyone!  Over the weekend I was able to get the rest of my container garden planted.  I added some:

Husky Cherry Red Tomatoes

Chocolate Mint

Red Bell Peppers (looking a little droopy here...)

Dwarf Meyer Lemon tree!!!   Admittedly, it doesn't look quite how I'd expected...  But it's still exciting!

This is how my balcony looks, complete with dog bed and potty patch!

And now for the easy DIY project...  Like so many wonderful projects, this one was inspired by something that I saw on Pinterest.  I've seen a few different pins from different websites (this is an example).  Basically, all you do is gather up some wine corks, write the names of your different herbs and veggies on them, spear them with a wooden skewer, and stick 'em in the pots!  Cute, right?  I have them in all of my pots.  I think that they're pretty adorable.

Happy gardening! =)

1 comment:

  1. Those herb markers are so adorable!

    Your Garden is coming right along - I will be very interested to hear how your dwarf meyer lemon tree does - and the chocolate mint has me intrigued!


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