Saturday, November 17, 2012

Baltimorean Tour de Pizza - Part 1

You like pizza.  I like pizza.  Let's take a tour of some of Baltimore's finest pizza-serving establishments.  Without further ado, let's embark on the first leg of The Baltimorean Tour de Pizza!

Stop #1: Joe Squared

I visited the Powerplant location with my friend Emily, rather than the one up in Station North, since the Powerplant is closer to where we both live and neither of us had our cars that day.

We shared an order of hot wings.  I have to say, Joe Squared has the best wings of any place that I've tried in Baltimore.  They're not the same as what you can find in the Pittsburgh area, but they're pretty darn good.

I had the crab and avocado risotto.  Their risottos are awesome, and you can order a half size (what I got) if you feel like it.  They have some interesting and creative flavor combinations, too.

She enjoyed the quattro formaggio pizza.  Always an excellent choice.

We split an order of the Maker's Mark Bourbon Pecan ice cream.  To quote Emily, this ice cream was "hella good".  The perfect way to describe it.  I'm already on the lookout for recipes so that I can make something like this at home.

Stop #2: Home Slyce

The next stop was Home Slyce Pizza Bar on Charles Street with Sean and our friend Melissa.  

Sean and I split a cheese pizza, which was tasty.

And Melissa got a slyce.  Which looks like a boat of pizza.  Deeeeelicious.

This place is relatively new to Mt. Vernon, though we've been there before and have ordered takeout a few times.  Good stuff.

Rounding out our initial leg of the Tour de Pizza was a trip to...

Stop #3: Iggie's Pizza

Stop #3 on the tour brought us to Iggie's Pizza, one of our favorites.  Sean's sister and her husband (Devon and Joe) came up to Bmore and took Sean and me out to lunch for Sean's birthday.  We had never taken them to Iggie's, so we figured this would be a good time to go.

They now have Diet Coke in glass bottles!  Maybe not the most exciting thing in the world, but Joe sure was excited.

Devon and Joe ordered the Seis Formaggi, which, as the title implies, is a 7 cheese pizza.  It's the first time I've seen it on the menu, and it was very good.

Sean and I ordered our old standby, the Salsiccia.  Yum.

You really can't go wrong with Iggie's.  If you are a guest of ours, and we have never taken you here, that situation needs to be rectified.

Though I thoroughly enjoyed eating at each of my pizza destinations, after hitting all 3 places up in the span of ~36 hours, I feel like I need to go on a detox diet.  

Even so, I plan to continue my pizza odyssey by revisiting some tried and true favorites as well as by exploring some new places.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know! =)

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